1st NFTN Conference 2023

The NFTN 1. conference in 2023 has been held. Many thanks to NIBIO for organizing this, and to all the participants. Hope to see you at an upcoming event.

We started on Tuesday evening with a lovely dinner in the nearby town of Gjøvik, where many of us from outside also spent the night. Early on Wednesday morning we drove to NIBIO Apelsvoll to participate in the professional part of the conference.

In order to strengthen the exchange of experience, the conference started with a series of short presentations. Here, the participants were presented with methods used around the Nordic region, while the conference participants got to know the individual participants.

You can download the individual presentations here:
(Click on the title to download presentation)

Chloé Grieu, NIBIO and Nicolai Fog Hansen, Teknologisk Institut, Denmark

Field Trials in Sweden
Anneli Lundkvist, SLU Fältforsk, Sweden

The overall field trial setup in Norway
Einar Strand, NIBIO Norway

Landsforsøg™ Field Trials in Denmark
Jon Birger Pedersen, SEGES Innovation, Denmark

Challenges designing a field trial
Hanne Justesen Bach, Teknologisk Institut, Denmark

Field Tirals organised by Hushållningssällskapet
Sven-Åke Rydell, Hushållningssällskapet, Sweden

Logistics in organising 1.000 trials and 25.000 gas measurements
Michael Erlang-Nielsen, Teknologisk Institut, Denmark

Measurement of the field's climate emissions
Cecilie Skov Nielsen, SEGES Innovation, Denmark

Statistics in Field Trials
Johannes Forkman, SLU Fältforsk, Sweden

Variety trials and cultivation methods
Leif Hagelskær, SEGES Innovation, Denmark

Field trials in grain and forage seeds; diversified topics and challenges
Chloé Grieu, NIBIO, Norway

Potato trials in Norway
Per Jarle Møllerhagen, NIBIO, Norway

Experiences from remote sensing in agricultural field trials at NIBIO – Centre for Precision Agriculture
Jakob Geipel, NIBIO, Norway

After the many short presentations and lunch, the participants threw themselves into thematic discussions.

Theme Discussions:

  • Planing Field Trials (moderator: Chloé Grieu)
  • Automatic Field Trial data collection (moderator: Nicolai Fog Hansen)
  • NFTS – Nordic Field Trial Systems (moderator: Julie J. Grouleff)
  • Statistics in Field Trials (moderator: Svend Vendelbo Nielsen)
  • Climate Emissions Trials (moderator: Ann Britt Værge)
  • Presentation of results, and user involvement (moderator: Anneli Lundkvist)

The day ended with a tour of the NIBIO Field Trial facilites, and despite the time of year there was a lot to see and a good talk about grain analyzes and methods in data harvesting.